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Host for Oak and Thorn on the first and third Sundays of every month, and The Ecology Hour on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Oak & Thorn aims to present the widest possible spectrum of Celtic music, from traditional to contemporary styles, along with information about history and culture. The Ecology Hour- Science Edition (co-hosted with Bob Spies) presents recent scientific findings about the natural world and our place in it. My other interests include brewing, gardening, birding, cooking, woodworking, and history. I live on Middle Ridge in Albion, California, among wonderful neighbors.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

We change our focus this month, from biology to geology.  Our guest is Dr. Lori Dengler, Director of the Humboldt Earthquake Education Center and Emeritus Professor of Geology at Humboldt State University.  She will talk about earthquakes and the tsunamis … Continue reading

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Fire Ecology – another view

Last August, we had a great interview with Dr. Chad Hanson about the ecological effects of forest fires in California, challenging the dominant paradigm.  This month, we return to the topic with Dr. Dominick DellaSala, Chief Scientist of the Geos … Continue reading

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Snowy Plovers

The snowy plover is one of the most endangered shore birds on the West Coast.  Dr. Mark Colwell of  Humboldt State University has been studying these birds and how to bring them back from near local extinction in northern California. … Continue reading

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The Ecology Hour for November 8 was pre-empted for election coverage.  (And see how THAT turned out!)

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White Rhinos and Iron

In a departure from our usual California and Pacific Coast centered programs we travel to Africa and Indonesia this month to hear about Rhinoceros Conservation.  Our guest is local scientist Donald Paglia, M.D. who will be discussing challenges of the … Continue reading

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Captive-breeding White Abalone

White Abalone once numbered in the millions off the California coast, but on  May 29, 2001, they became the first marine invertebrate listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.  We talk with Dr. Kristin Aquilino of UC Davis and … Continue reading

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Fire Ecology

Forest fires are almost invariably described as destructive, even catastrophic.  Yet the California forest ecosystems are adapted to recurring fires, and many species depend on fires to create the conditions in which they thrive.  What really happens to the ecosystem … Continue reading

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