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Host for Oak and Thorn on the first and third Sundays of every month, and The Ecology Hour on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Oak & Thorn aims to present the widest possible spectrum of Celtic music, from traditional to contemporary styles, along with information about history and culture. The Ecology Hour- Science Edition (co-hosted with Bob Spies) presents recent scientific findings about the natural world and our place in it. My other interests include brewing, gardening, birding, cooking, woodworking, and history. I live on Middle Ridge in Albion, California, among wonderful neighbors.

Sea Otters and the Kelp Forest Ecosystem

Purple Sea Urchin populations have exploded along the northern California coast, creating “urchin barrens” where all the algae has been eaten – including Giant Kelp and Bull Kelp – leading to the loss of most of the vital “kelp forest” … Continue reading

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“Wreck” of Common Murres

On Wednesday, May 22 of this year, hundreds of dead seabirds suddenly appeared on Mendocino County beaches. What happened? We’ll ask Dr. Julia Parrish, founder and Executive Director of the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team, and Sarah Grimes of … Continue reading

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“Insect Apocalypse”

In late 2017, a report containing re-analysis of some long-term insect biomass monitoring in Germany attracted the attention of science reporters around the world. Soon, major news outlets were reporting the story of dramatically declining insect biomass in several apparently … Continue reading

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The Ecology Hour Science Edition returns to the airwaves! We took a few months off to conduct some interviews without the pressure of a monthly deadline. Dr. David Scheel of Alaska Pacific University is a marine biologist specializing in field … Continue reading

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Anticoagulant Rodenticides in the Forest Food Web

In 2009, a Pacific Fisher was found dead of rodenticide poisoning, in a remote area where no such poisons should have been used. Dr. Mourad Gabriel  of the Integral Ecology Research Center began investigating, finding more and more animals poisoned … Continue reading

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Plastics in the Oceans

On The Ecology Hour tonight, we talk with Dr. Sean Anderson, Chair & Professor in the Environmental Science and Resource Management Program, California State University Channel Islands.  Our topic will be “Plastics in the Oceans,” and we will hear about the sources, … Continue reading

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Coastal Geology

Our guest for the September 12 show was Thomas Cochrane, Professional Geologist and author of “Shaping the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast: Exploring the Coastal Geology of Northern California.”   We had a lively and informative discussion, which you can listen to HERE.

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