Earthquakes and Tsunamis

We change our focus this month, from biology to geology.  Our guest is Dr. Lori Dengler, Director of the Humboldt Earthquake Education Center and Emeritus Professor of Geology at Humboldt State University.  She will talk about earthquakes and the tsunamis they sometimes generate, and how they affect our coastal environment.

Dr. Dengler answered many questions about tsunamis on the NOVA “Wave That Shook the World” website.  She also co-authored a children’s book, “The Extraordinary Story of Kamome,” about a small boat from a Japanese school that was lost in the 2011 tsunami and found two years later on a Humboldt beach.

Links mentioned in Dr. Dengler’s interview:

Cal OES My Hazards page

Living on Shaky Ground preparedness magazine (Print copies of the preparedness magazines in English or Spanish or Mendocino tsunami brochures can be requested by leaving a message at: (707) 826-6199)

The story of Kamome, the tsunami boat found in Crescent City is at

Tokyo National Museum talk about connections between California and Japan:


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