The Ecology Hour – Science Edition is moving to the second Tuesday of each month.  Our program for September 8 will feature Dr. Frederica Bowcutt, professor of Botany at Evergreen State College in Washington and author of “The Tanoak Tree: An Environmental History of a Pacific Coast Hardwood,”  published by the Washington University Press, which has released a video trailer for the book.

Dr. Bowcutt will discuss the origins of tanoaks, how they came to exist in the Pacific Coast redwood forests, and how the human perception of their value has changed along with forest management practices.  Her book is a detailed examination of the ways in which humans have regarded and exploited tanoaks over the centuries, from Native American cultural practices to recent commercial forestry.

With the current controvery over herbicidal weeding (“Hack-and-squirt”), standing dead tree thickets, and the ongoing Sudden Oak Death crisis, tanoaks are in the news almost every day.  We hope this interview will help listeners understand more about the ecology of tanoaks, why they are important, and why forestry practices are changing.

This program was recorded in advance and is available for streaming or downloading here.


About Tim

Host for Oak and Thorn on the first and third Sundays of every month, and The Ecology Hour on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Oak & Thorn aims to present the widest possible spectrum of Celtic music, from traditional to contemporary styles, along with information about history and culture. The Ecology Hour- Science Edition (co-hosted with Bob Spies) presents recent scientific findings about the natural world and our place in it. My other interests include brewing, gardening, birding, cooking, woodworking, and history. I live on Middle Ridge in Albion, California, among wonderful neighbors.
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