Allen Fish on Raptor Migration

On Tuesday, November 25, we talked with Allen Fish, Director of the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory.  Tens of thousands of hawks, falcons, eagles, and vultures fly past this one high point of land near the Golden Gate Bridge.  Listen to the interview to find out why, and where they are going, and what we are learning about these endlessly fascinating birds.

The GGRO’s first director, Allen Fish was hired in 1985. With a background in evolutionary ecology and conservation biology from UC Davis, Allen has a particular interest in bird population responses to urban development, climate change, and other human pressures.

Here are some relevant websites:
for Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, hit the button for “daily hawk count” to see the daily blog back to August
for Hawkwatch International – a sister organization from GGRO, but we all  share notes and compare data.  HWI has a great blogger on raptor  identification, one of the best, Jerry Liguori, also the author of several books on raptor ID.
for hawk migration assoc. of N. America, coordinates number tracking of migration sites, promotes underfunded sites, and analyses of data across the continent
my sideline, a wide community of raptor biologists, conservationists, and ecologists promoting the elimination of rat poisons that cause secondary poisonings of raptors, and other terrestrial predators.
The international group of raptor conservation biologists is the Raptor Research Foundation.  Allen will be hosting the 2015 meeting in Sacramento, CA in Nov 2015 – website is – great journal, mostly ecologists, but a full range of raptor passionates that meet annually for a few days of scientific talks.

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